Agent18 Videoshield Arrived!

December 6, 2005

Got my Agent18 Videoshield case for the 5G iPod yesterday and it rocks! My wife received her’s on Friday and I got mine today. I really like the look of the case, it’s very sleek and makes the iPod look quite nice. I had originally used an incase neoprene sleeve which offered good protection, but I never really got to see the pleasing aestethics of the iPod. Also, when someone wanted to see my iPod, they would always ask to have it removed from the case and I often did this with much reservation as I’m paranoid about dropping things and such.

Being the overly paranoid person that I am, I left the plastic film that covers the front of the iPod in tact and put it in the case. This offers an extra layer of protection for the screen and the scroll wheel (which is exposed in this case). Overall, I’m quite happy with the purchase and I’ll be making a trip to the apple store to return my other case today.

For some pics of the case on a black iPod, check out the links about half way down the page on this forum thread.


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