Old Rips May Not Rest in Peace

December 8, 2005

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that has reripped my cd collection more than once! Wired News: Old Rips …. is an interesting article that plainly starts out with a fella with the desire to rerip his old cd collection. Sounds similar enough to myself, in fact, I think I’ve made the rip wave 3 times. The first time, I ripped selected CDs at 225 CBR (Constant Bit Rate) using the LAME encoder. This was very cool and I was satisified that I could get some “archival” type of quality from my rip, however the files were BIG.

The second wave consisted of myself going through my CD case ripping selected tracks off each disc. This was all cool and good until I got myself an iPod that had 30GB of capacity.. so I thought.. why not rip the WHOLE CD?!?? So.. I redid the rips and started again. I actually just finished the major rip wave a couple of days ago and used a 192 VBR (Variable Bit Rate) setting. I’m quite happy with this setting and hopefully I won’t redo things again.


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