iPod in the Car

January 24, 2006

After scouring the ilounge forums, I wanted to try and find a device that would allow me to listen to my iPod while driving. Since my commute consists of roughly an hour each way, this would be an awesome compliment. Not strictly for the music, since I’m really enjoying listening to podcasts while on the road. Some of my favorite Podcasts are: Security Now, Ebert & Roeper, Diggnation, This Week in Tech, NPR, etc.

I read rave reviews about the Kensington FM transmitter so I waited until there were some good deals and rebates and ordered my own. After it arrived, my plugged it in and listened for a test and it was good! I was quite pleased. However, one of the things that kind of bugged me was this whole “easter egg” thing and being able to tune the station down past 88.1. I found it was nice to have the transmitter tuned to 87.9 but found it quite a chore to manually do this EVERY TIME with the “easter egg”, that is hold the two right most buttons down while scrolling. This requires 2 hands and not that fun to do while on the road and you happen to hit some static or collision with other stations. Another thing I did not like about the fm transmitter was the way it distorted some things. Ppl on the forums noted they had to change their EQ settings to be either “treble reducer” or “small speakers” to get things to sound correctly as the highs were a bit too noticeable. I opted for the small speakers setting.

Everything was cool and dandy until I started to hit pockets of static all of a sudden. My music sounded very staticy and the podcasts I listened to just sounded crappy. Not exactly sure why, but it happened about 1 week after I got the transmitter. This was the third strike for me so I decided to return the little bugger and go the route that may not be the “wave of the future” but most ppl agreed sounded better.

This was a hard go for me b/c I like to get the new and better things and something about cassette tape adapters was not so new and cool. Anyhoo, got myself a Belkin Auto Kit that allows me to charge my iPod in the car and hooks up via the docking port. The kit also has a line out and a built in amplifier. I hooked up the Sony cassette adapter (highly rated on the ilounge forums) to the line out and blasted the tunes. IT SOUNDED AWESOME! Clear bass, clear sounds and I was rockin! Why didn’t I just go this route earlier? Probabably b/c I wanted something cool like a FM transmitter… I am now definitely a happer camper and I’m diggin listening to my iPod in my car!


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