Manbaggin Chore

January 25, 2006

Wow.. my whole goal is to get my “mind like water” in GTD speak, however ever since I decided to start carrying around a manbag, it’s been a constant flux of various liquid-based bodies in my mind. Sometimes, it’s like a gentle stream, other times, it’s like a roaring white rapids river.. I guess my mind is still like wather tho.. )

The main chore comes in the form of keeping track of it. Before, I had everything on my person so didn’t really have to put too much effort into tracking. However, there have been a couple of times when I just needed to go somewhere really quick that I forgot to grab my bag and in turn forgot my wallet. Sure, it feels nice having zen pockets and all, but I don’t like the fact that I am disjointed while on the run. I’ve been debating ditching the whole idea of carrying around a manbag on a daily basis and just start stuffing things into my pockets again.

The key items I carry in the bag are: wallet, PDA, iPod, other junk (coupons, pen, etc). I could get away with carrying my wallet and PDA in my pockets, it would just add some bulk but not too bad. The hard thing is the iPod. I don’t really want to carry that around in my pockets. For my wife, she has forgone carrying the purse and just puts everything into her work bag. This seems like a very novel idea and perhaps something I should entertain.

I’m gonna try it for the rest of the week to see how things go. In fact, I just took my wallet out of my manbag and put it into my front pocket. I can already notice the extra bulk, but that’s how it was before the bag so I’m sure I can easily transition back.


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