Ubiquitous Capture Tool

April 7, 2006

I received my Levenger SwiftNotes ($34) note pad a couple of weeks ago and it has now turned into my Ubiquitous Capture Tool. At first, I had it in my coat pocket, then moved it to my manbag, but now it’s in my right pant pocket to make it even more ubiquitous. I kinda like using that word.. ) It’s really great and I’m quite happy with the purchase.

It is much cheaper than the David Allen Notetaker Wallet ($99), however it doesn’t not have as many pockets as the wallet nor does it have the stylish pen. The Levenger came with a zebra expandable pen which is pretty good but not really that high quality of a writing instrument.

So, I’ve just added one more collection bucket that needs to be processed. Currently, I have the following buckets:

  1. Email
  2. Physical In Basket
  3. SwiftNotes Pad
  4. Cell Phone Voice Memo
  5. Manbag Pocket
  6. Work Bag Folder

Wow.. I didn’t realize I had so many collection buckets until I listed them out. The hardest one to “get to zero” has been my cell phone voice memo. Just last night, I got it to zero by processing 15 voice memos! I think I may need to trim the cruft a bit, but I feel I need all these buckets…


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