Trim Time

April 20, 2006

My wife and I have this thing with movies in that we watch the first 15-20 mins of a movie before deciding if we want to continue on. Time is a precious commodity to us and we really can’t afford to waste anytime. I apply a similar thing to my intake of news.

For instance, in podcasts, I will listen to about the first 3-5 mins of the podcasts before I decide if I want to continue on or remove from my list. I’ll generally give a podcast 2-3 days worth casts before I remove them from my sync list.

With blogs, I REALLY HAVE to do this in order to stay sane. There is just so many feeds one could potentially follow that’s it quite easy to go nutty. I’ll follow a feed for about 2-3 days before I decide if I want to keep it. I’ve actually gone through and trimmed a lot of my feeds and have narrowed it down to my essentials. To me, if the news is important enough, it’ll eventually get to me.


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