Returning Plantronics 510

May 17, 2006

I think the title pretty much sums things up. I ordered a Plantronics 510 bluetooth headset to use with my Treo 650. I was all hyped about the idea of bluetooth and to finally utilize the technology that has been present in most of my phones.. but no… guess the time has not yet arrived.

Charged the headset up for about 2 hrs, coupled the devices fine and made my first call. Seemed to have a bit too much static on my end and a bit into the conversation the other party also complained of it. A lot of these bluetooth devices seem to fall victim to the static. Some say it’s the week bluetooth implementation on the Treo 650, others say it’s the headset.. will the quest for the perfect bluetooth headset continue?? Probably not. I can’t seem to justify spending more than $50 on a headset and to me that was a push.. Luckily, well not so lucky, but I found the plantronics 510 for under $50 on amazon so I thought I’d give it a shot. There goes that shot.

To compensate, I’m gonna give the VolumeCare application a trial run to see if I can just use the speakerphone in place of the headset. Many people seem to swear by this app but here’s goes more money into tweaking my treo. Oh yeah.. I just ordered another case for the treo too. Ordered myself a Krusell Classic Case off ebay as I was starting to get paranoid of the fully exposed screen (under standard screen protecter) on my treo and all the lint and crap that’s sticking to the screen from being in my pocket. Plus the silicone case tends to be a bit of a chore to put in and remove.. overall.. more $$$ on the treo.


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