The Offsite Solution?

June 5, 2006

After reading Chris Pirillo suggesting the internet backup service, Carbonite, I decided to give it a try. I had issues connecting to the carbonite server on Friday and was a bit put off by that. I send an email to support and received a response within an hour they were experiencing server issues. I’m assuming due to the increased traffic …

Anyhoo, it worked later that evening and the installation and setup was quite easy. Nothing too complicated, definitely something anyone could use without much help. After picking my sources for backup, I ended up with about 50G of data I wanted backed up.

Well, it’s been about 2 days or so now and Carbonite has only backed up about 12% of my data with an average upload speed of about 20 KB/s. After reading Nick Starr’s post on backup services, it appears that Carbonite (figured retrieved from FAQs):

  • Backs Up Approx 3G/Day: That means it would take roughly 17 days for my backups to complete? I was really hoping to have the data backup finished before the end of my 15 day trial…
  • Restores at 14-18 G/Day: Wow.. so if I had a big failure or something, it would take roughly 4 days to retrieve the data from Carbonite.

Hmm… I guess this makes sense since they quote a $5 monthly fee for unlimited data storage.  Is Carbonite the solution to my offsite archive dilemna? Perhaps, while it does have some limitations, I feel if using it as a second or even third level of backup, it’s not a bad idea.


3 Responses to “The Offsite Solution?”

  1. wujimon Says:

    Ultimately, decided that Carbonite was just not the right choice for me. The time it takes to backup/restore was just not really worth it as a third level of defense for what it provides as I already do offsite DVD archives regularly.

  2. […] January 21st, 2007 I looked at Carbonite Backup a while back and listed some of the pros/cons of the service, however I ended up going with them anyways. Basically, I was in a bind and wanted something off-site on a server somewhere so I could sleep at night.. ok.. so it wasn’t that bad, but you get the idea […]

  3. […] 26th, 2007 For my off-site backup, I started off using Carbonite, however I had some issues with it but was unable to cancel since I paid for 1 year in […]

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