Freedb Gone…

July 5, 2006

Wow.. I was a bit shocked when I came home to try and rip another CD only to notice there were server error during connection to the freedb service. After being a bit puzzled, I tried to log onto the freedb website only to find:

reedb is not able to operate without Joerg and Ari. There are other – hopefully free – projects that will take over freedbs heritage in a better way and stay free.

Wow..! This is such a shame when a great service like freedb closes down due to internal conflicts. Doing a bit more research on topic pointed me over to the slashdot article: Ending which had a comment from the author stating the service continues on for the time being:

I am the author of It currently supports a subset of the old freedb protocol, enough to rip your CD’s. Just point your software at [].

Needless to say, I am still a bit down in the dumps after reading about this. How many good things end when internal struggles exists? This reminds me a bit of the time when I hit a plateau in my training and basically stopped doing single arm silk reeling exercises, but I was able to move on past the plateau and perservere in my training. It looks as if one of the authors was able to do the same and move on. Kudos to the author and all those to choose to perservere instead of give up.

[Edit] Found a link to an alternative route for retrieving CD information.

If you want to use Gracenote CDDB with EAC….

First, download & install the freeware, Player. Perform the CDDB lookup with Player and export the info as “cdplayer.ini.”

Then import it into EAC (database->get CD information from->cdplayer.ini.)

Source: Hydrogenaudio Forum

I tried it and it works! It’ll have to do until things get straightened out a bit with Freedb2.


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