Migrating Webhosts

July 22, 2006

The webhost migration was completed rather smoothly and personally, I didn’t really experience any downtime or unavailability of the wujimon blog.  For those interested in some high level technical detail, continue reading.

I decided to try out A Small Orange webhosting after much searching and reading on the WebHosting Talk forums.  Already, I feel the site a bit “snappier” in terms of performance, which I corrrelate to server load. For more information on server load, take a look at the write up at UltraCheapHosts and Dreamhost on The Truth About Overselling.

At a high level, the migration process consisted of the following steps

  1. Backup Old Site
  2. Transfer Data to New Host
  3. Modify DNS to Point to New Host

Backup Old Site
This was relatively easy and consisted of using an FTP Client (FileZilla in my case) and backing up the database. To backup my databases, I used the “Moving” guides found on The Tamba2 WordPress Guides by Podz. My hat goes out to Podz for graciously documenting the steps required to backup MySQL databases and how to import them to another host!

Transfer Data to New Host
This simply involved using FileZilla to upload the file backup to my new hosts. This also included importing my databases into the new host too. All was quite simple and smooth with little complications.

Modify DNS to New Host
This was very simple to do. Just logged into the website of my domain registrar and modified the name server entries. The notes mention it could take up to 24 hours for the effect to fully propogate, but I checked the next morning and things were all good.

As you can see, not a very difficult thing to do and it took relatively little time. However, I do admit it can be quite daunting for those first-time people in regards to understanding all the specs and detailed steps on how to do this. For more detailed steps, take a look at the ASO Forum Thread: How Can I Transfer My Existing Website Here.


2 Responses to “Migrating Webhosts”

  1. chessman71 Says:

    I’m following all this and the emails you sent me too. I’m not quite sure which way to go just yet. Please keep us informed about how you feel about the new web host you’re with. I want to move my blog too but so far, I’m really worried about finding a good web host. Yeesh, this stuff is difficult.

  2. wujimon Says:

    Hi Chessman. I’m actually very happy so far with ASO and at this time, I am recommending them. Searches on forums listed above will also yield favorable reviews for this webhosting company.

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