Starting a Blog

July 26, 2006

The blogosphere for IMA related subjects is quite small, so if you enjoy blogs, practice ANY IMA and would like to write about it and join in on the fun, then the best and easiest way is to start a blog!

There are many free services to choose from such as wordpress, blogger, livejournal, etc, but for myself, I personally recommend using wordpress. Now, I could go into a lengthy post about how to start up a wordpress blog and such, but why reinvent the wheel when Lorelle has written and awesome practical guide on starting a blog!  I highy recommend anyone interested in blogging subscribe to her site as she has great tips and suggestions for all facets of blogging.

Ok.. so after you’ve gone through the practical guide and created a blog, now what? What do you do to join in on the IMA blogosphere? That’s easy, just start writing.  Write about anything you want, don’t limit yourself to only “inspirational” or “thought-provoking” posts, just get in the habit of writing. For me, I write about random thoughts on my training or things I run across the web related to IMA.

Now that you’re writing, how do you connect to other IMA blogs? The easiest way is to post a comment on another blog to flag the writer’s attention to your own blog. Another way is to write a post referencing another writer’s post, establishing a “linkback”. Alternatively, start including other blogs in your blogroll.

That’s it.. nothing too fancy. Take the first step and join the fun.. (note… this post is semi directed to Tom ;).


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