What is Taking Up All that Hard Drive Space?

August 6, 2006

Wow.. I got a message from MS windows telling me that my hard drive was short on space. What?? I didn’t think I was using up that much. I have a partition with about 92 GB on it and I really wanted to find out what was using all that space!

Luckily for me, I ran across a post on Robi Sen’s Blog called Where is All that Hard Drive Space Going? In his post, he links to a tool called WinDirSet that is quite a godsend 😉 For him, the big offender was an antispyware log file, for me, about 10 GB of *.wav files in a Norton Protect folder! Must’ve been remnants that never got cleaned up after removing Norton System Works from my computer.

My advice, download WinDirSet and see what’s on your hard drive!
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2 Responses to “What is Taking Up All that Hard Drive Space?”

  1. robi sen Says:

    Wow thats allot of space! Its amazing how much space gets used by various applications that you don t notice until all of a sudden… you have no more space on your drive.

  2. wujimon Says:

    I hear ya man! Thanks for the heads up on the wonderful app 🙂

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