Hard Drive Upgrade

September 30, 2006

Over the past week or so, I started noticing some ‘unsnappiness’ of my computer. Like a good computer user, I checked my running processes for unnecessary applications and disabled that darn quicktime icon in my system tray that always seems to appear after every upgrade of iTunes. I then checked the task manager and looked at all of the high CPU/Memory usage applications and all seemed well.

As a last resort, I did a defrag analysis on my drive. Lo and behold, I was told the main problem affecting my performance was low disk space! I had less than 10% free on my OS partition and on my data partition (both belonging to the same physical hard drive)! I scanned the drives using WinDirStat and came to the conclusion that I just need a bigger hard drive!

My system currently consist of the following storage:

2 x 120G Internal IDE Hard Drives
1 x 300G External USB hard Drive
1 x 500G External USB Hard Drive
~ 1 TeraByte

Hmm.. that sounds like enough storage, but one should note the external hard drives are dedicated strictly to backups. So.. I’m now in the position where I’m getting ready to purchase another hard drive. I think it’s time for me to move out of the IDE realm and into something a bit more current. Since my motherboard supports SATA, I’m currently considering either the Samsung SpinPoint 400GB model, or the Western Digital Cavier Series.

One of the things I question is whether or not I can have both SATA and IDE hard drives in a system? I’m sure I could since they communicate on differnet channels but I guess I’ll find out.  My plan is to move my windows and data partitions to the new drive and if I can still keep the IDE in place, make that a dedicated video processing partition. Let’s just hope there’s not too much downtime, depending on if I decide to do a reformat and clean install of WindowsXP.



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