Vox – Open to the Public

October 29, 2006

From the company that brought the blogging world MovableType and TypePad, SixApart has now made Vox available to the public! So, what is Vox and why do people care? Vox is a blogging and social networking platform that ANYONE can use. Personally, if I were to try and get my mom to start blogging, I would point her to Vox.

You wanna share photos, videos, or music? Vox can do just that for you. In fact, it can pull various types of media from places like youtube, flickr, amazon, etc. You want to include a photo in a post but don’t have one available? Vox even allows you to import photos from iStockPhoto!

I’ve had a couple of people ask me, “Why are you telling me to use Vox when you use something else?”. To me, most blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or MovableType are kind of like me standing on an island shouting to see if anyone hears me. If I’m lucky, someone will hear me and we can create a type of “network”. For such a network, just check out my links page for a listing of all those island dwellers that have been heard.

I’ve heard it mentioned that Vox is like a little neighborhood where you know your neighbors. Instead of trying to reach hundreds of people, allows you to reach small groups of people. They do this by allowing post and/or media images to have different privacy levels, either public, family, friends, or private.

Anyhooo, enough of my rambling on about Vox. I think it’s a great service that serves a specific audience. For more on it, check out the Public Announcement from Team Vox, Read the positive review from TechCrunch, or just take the Vox Tour and sign up!



One Response to “Vox – Open to the Public”

  1. […] For all those readers hesitating to start a blog, Vox is an easy solution to your worries. I know, I know.. I’ve written about it before, but I just want to bring it up again.  Blogging is a good way of exploring ideas, connecting with like-minded folks, and just sharing thoughts. I like Vox due to it’s more “personal” approach with defined privacy filters. […]

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