Drink Your Strawberry

December 9, 2006

With a feisty 2 yr old, the whole notion of taking meds can be quite daunting. When the little guy was younger, I would just hold him down and shoot the meds down his throat with a syringe. However, he’s a bit bigger, stronger, and knows how to spit now! There has to be another way.

Son came down with a minor ear infection and was prescribed Amoxocillin.  While it’s not horribly bad tasting, it’s not a favorite of his. So, I took the 7.5 ml dosage and mixed it with and equal amount of milk and added a dash of strawberry syrup. Shake shake shake.., “Hey dude.. drink your strawberry”.. and he was none the wiser. I do this in the mornings and evenings with little to no backtalk.  I’m a happy daddy and he’s a happy kiddy.

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