Cannot Uninstall Carbonite Backup

January 21, 2007

I looked at Carbonite Backup a while back and listed some of the pros/cons of the service, however I ended up going with them anyways. Basically, I was in a bind and wanted something off-site on a server somewhere so I could sleep at night.. ok.. so it wasn’t that bad, but you get the idea 🙂

Anyhoo.. it’s been some time, another service called Mozy Unlimited has cropped up where you can basically backup data for $4.95/month. However, some of the main differences include:

  • Access Files from the Web
  • Custom Backup Scheduling
  • 30-Day Version Archive
  • Private Encryption Key

The thing that sold me over Carbonite are the versioning and private encryption key! Those rock and definitely a must-have IMO! Mozy also has a free service where you can backup 2GB Free! Sign up for a free Mozy account now!

So, I tried to uninstall Carbonite via windows add/remove programs. However, windows complained there was something wrong with the application and removed it from my list of installed apps. WHAT??? So, like a good customer, I emailed Carbonite Support via the Carbonite InfoCenter support page. I sent the email out Friday, Jan 19 @ 6pm CST. I got the confirmation email from support, but still waiting… It’s been over 2 days and no response from the support staff.

Basically I asked:

  1. How can I uninstall Carbonite?
  2. How do I cancel my account?
  3. Will I get reimbursed a prorated amount?

Nothing to hard. They answered my questions pretty promptly when I was in the trial period, but it seems I might’ve gotten a bait and switch now that I’m a customer. I’ll keep track of how long it takes for them to respond to me here.


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