Miami Vice Movie Review

February 3, 2007

Last night my wife and I had a chance to catch a movie. We decided to watch Miami Vice even though we’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on the flick. 

One of the main criticisms of the movie is that it lacks the 80s flair that defined the original Miami Vice.  No 80s music, no pastels, no big hair. Booh..

The love story between the characters was just unbelievable. No real build up, no real emotions, nada.. just cheesy lines that barely went over 5 words in length. In one love scene, the female actress proceeded to tear up.. GIVE ME A BREAK!

During the movie, we walked around the living room, made johnsonville brats with ketchup, mustard and jalapenos, and did a bit of cleaning. We got a lot done b/c the movie was just slow, not very engaging and not very tied together.

Overall ratings: SUCKS


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