Entering the MMORPG Realm

April 4, 2007

For those that aren’t in the know, MMORPG stands for: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Basically, a gangload of people interact with one another in a virtual world. Each player assumes the role of a fictional character and explores the world.

I first got involved in RPG (Role-Playing Games) back in the early 1980s. The older brother of my childhood best friend was a Dungeon Master in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy realm. This basically meant he was the one who came up with the quest and guided the players along their journey. He would do all sorts of crazy things like fashion a scroll out of construction paper and seal it with a wax emblem. Yeah.. he was hardcore..

These games would last for hours on end. We’d all be sitting around a table or on the floor, ate popcorn, drank soda and role-played our characters. I don’t recall my character’s name at the time, but I do remember he was and elf archer! Ever since then, I’ve had an affinity towards characters that use a bow & arrow.

Fast forward to present day. Early this week, I ordered 2 copies of Guild Wars Prophecies and 2 Sennheiser PC150 headsets. One for myself, and one for my wife. Yes, you heard that right, one for my wife as she’s also a gamer (I know, I’m lucky ;))!

I decided to ease into the MMORPG world slowly by getting a low cost game (paid $19.99 for each) that DID NOT require a monthly fee. Guild Wars fit the bill for this. I got the game early this week and have been playing every night since receiving it! It was funny coming into work all tired b/c both my wife and I stayed up late the night before to play video games! My coworkers laughed a bit at me, but you’ll be surprised how many folks partake in MMORPG games.

The headset/mic is used so my wife and I can communicate with each other in-game. My computer is downstairs and her’s is upstairs so it’s hard to easily communicate. We’ll be using Skype for in-game chatting.

Even though I’m having quite a bit of fun, I’m having second thoughts in regards to choice of game. Both my wife and I are more into PvE (Player vs Environment) as opposed to PvP (Player vs Player) gameplay. This basically means that we like to go into the world and do our own thing without worrying about getting killed or trying to kill other players in the realm. We like to run quests, level-up, walk around in peace.

For those unfamiliar, here’s an example of a PvP scenario IRL (In Real Life). Imagine you’re walking through a park looking for the coat of your landlord’s daughter. As you’re looking behind the trees and under some bushes, you notice 5 gangly looking figures appear behind you. You try to tell them you don’t want any trouble but instead they proceed to attack you, forcing you to drop all of your belongings on the ground. Personally, I don’t want to worry about this type of scenario as I’d rather look for the coat in peace.

This leads me to the game I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. That is World of Warcraft (aka WoW). For more on it, check out the game introduction. One of the main reasons for this is WoW has quite a bit to offer for the PvE player, whereas I feel Guild Wars is more focused on combat and PvP settings.

WoW has classes you can choose from (paladin, hunter, etc) and professions you can specialize in. This is way cool as some professions include: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Engineering, First Aid, Mining, Jewel Crafting, you get the idea.. So if you want to take a break from questing and learn a craft, you can do so. You can then sell your goods in the local auction house! Oh man… it’s strange to admit, but I get excited just reading about all the available professions one can specialize in! Imagine being a jewelcrafter creating jewels that can adorn armor and weapons.. !!!!

Okay, enough chitter chatter. Basically, after last night’s gaming session on Guild Wars with my wife, we couldn’t sleep b/c we were pumped on adrenaline, so I began discussing some of the differences between Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. After hearing about all the classes, races, professions, and persistent world, she’s in! Today, I will pickup 2 copies of WoW and potentially also the expansion pack!! I’m excited.

World of Warcraft, here we come!!!


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