Entering the PvP Realm

April 24, 2007

Both my wife and I have been putting off joining the PvP (Player vs. Player) realm in WoW for quite some time. But after a bit of constant nudging and luring from a fellow coworker, we took the plunge and creates some chars on the Stormreaver PvP server.

I created an Undead Priest and my wife created a Blood Elf Warlock. So far, nothing is really too different, but that’s probably due to us being in the lower levels. HOWEVER, I did notice a weird thing my first night on a PvP server.

I often saw flashing messages in the chat log about a city being under attack. This is totally different than the common banter you see in the PvE general chat log. But I didn’t think much of it, until I made my way to the nearest Inn, only to find the Innkeeper slaughtered on the ground. I thought perhaps she was sleeping or something or that perhaps there was a bug, so I left the inn and returned inside. All was normal and she was standing there. I then realized the little town I am currently in was the town under attack just a few moments ago.

Last night, my wife told me a story of how she was in the local town when she noticed two big “red” characters walking down the street. Apparently, they were a couple of Alliance characters looking to do some damage. She saw them and ran to the nearest Inn. She heard various screams and yells coming from the town inhabitants and then she heard the screams getting closer. Scared, she decided to “/sleep” and cuddled up on a nearby bed. While her char slept, she watched the 2 alliance characters walking around the room. They looked at her and just continued on their way… She told me that was one of the most intense experiences she’s had in the game so far.

One of the reasons we stayed away from PvP is due to the all the stories we’ve heard of ganking and body camping. When I asked my buddy about this, he noted it happens and sometimes folks WILL camp your body waiting for you to return, only to gank you again. In these instances, it’s best to call upon your higher level guild members to assist. If not, better hope you have a higher level char that you can log into, fly over and gank the gankers.

Still, the question remains.. How will ganking affect mostly solo game players? Both my wife and I tend to either play solo or group together. We don’t have higher level guildies to call upon. I guess we’ll see just have to wait and see what happens after we hit level 20 and enter the uncontested areas.


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