Ninja Looting Rogues

April 30, 2007

First off, I DO NOT LIKE ROGUES! For some reason, they just rub me the wrong way. The first time I got ganked was by a Rogue who was kind enough to apologize after ganking me. This alliance rogue was also nice enough to gank me twice! First time while I was conversing with an Innkeeper and the second time while I was walking across the street to see the arms merchant. C’mon.. what’s up with that? What’s the joy in heading to a roughly newbie town populated by level 10s? I guess I’ll be able to experience that joy when I hit a high enough level to go raid a newbie alliance town! However, it was mighty cool that after some ganking, a couple of level 50+ Horde comrades came flying in to defend the outpost. Like the nice priest I am, I made sure to buff all of them with my Holy Word Fortitude 🙂

My second encounter with some Rogues came about while I was trying to clear an Alliance outpost in order to slay the head honcho captain inside. I took my time and cleared the surrounding areas and pathways and when I was about to fight the captain and his guard, a Rogue comes running in and takes the kill! I was so upset! It’s hard to clear out an area being a solo priest! Worst part was the Rogue even laughed and scoffed at me noting that he got the kill before me! After which, I promptly replied how that was not cool.

The guy then had the nerve to ask me for a buff, which I promptly denied. So he camped the respawn point and killed the captain again, after which he yelled that he got him again. I asked him how old he was and he said he was 10. While this may not be true, it was not very surprising based on the behavior. Again, he asked for a buff, which I denied. He told me that if I buffed him, he would leave. I replied back that he needed to help me kill the captain by grouping with me so I could get the kill and then I would buff him. He invited me to his group and together we slayed the captain. I got the kill which completed my quest. Keeping to my word, I buffed him with my Holy Word Fortitude and was off and on my way.

Anyhoo.. enough with the ranting. It’s time to move on. I’ve now ventured past the newbie village and hit the main city called Undercity. Very cool and looking forward to further explorations. I gotta try and quickly get out of Undead zone as my wife is soon approaching level 20 with her Blood Elf Warlock. Once I hit level 20, we’ll do some questing out in the uncontested and other horde zones.


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