My First Instance Run

May 7, 2007

Like a good denizen, I try to buff my fellow compadres whenever I am able. While walking to the mailbox, I saw a Troll Shaman chillin on a mount, so I buffed him with some Power Word: Fortitude. He thanked me and then asked if I was interested in joining a guild. After getting the name of his guild, I ran over to the armory to check the guild stats (total number of members, class distribution, level distribution, race distribution). His guild only had about 16 members and none of them were priests! In addition, the level distribution was roughly from 10 to 55. The cool thing about the guild is that it’s comprised with mostly low level folks and I would be a highly valued member being the only dedicated healing class, priest.

On the other hand, the reason to join a guild is to find support from other high level players. Not only just other high level, but it’d be nice to find other folks running through the same quests. Awesome for those times when I just can’t get past the mobs to take out that high level scarlet crusader. Ultimately, I told him I’d like to hold off and discuss things with my wife as we want to join a guild together.

He thought it was supa cool that my wife and I played together. He then told me he believes he found his first love at age 14. I congratulated him and told him my wife and I were about 18 when we first met. It’s rare to find that special someone in our lives. He then offered to run me through the RFC instance. Being the newbie that I am, I asked him how long it would take (as my son was taking his afternoon nap and could wake up at any moment) and if I had to do anything. He responded it would take about 20 mins and I WOULDN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING, just stay back and not draw any aggro. Seeing as this being a great opportunity, I couldn’t turn it down.

We headed to the Ragefire Chasm dungeon of Orgrimmar (aka RFC). This being my first instance, I really didn’t know what to expect and I had never been to Orgrimmar before! We took this flying ship from Undercity to Orgrimmar and it was way cool! Running through the city, we ran down some winding paths until we saw a big black hole looking thing that closely resembled the dimensional portal from the movie Stargate. We stepped into the portal and a load screen appeared.

After the loading, we appeared in a dungeon that was surrounded by molten lava on either sides of the path. Actually reminded me a lot of the dungeons in other blizzard title, Diablo. I did like I was told and just stayed behind the level 41 Troll Shaman and watched him do his thing. He ran up and was taking out mobs with a single swing! My job was to stick back and grab the loot. He changed the looting style to “Free-for-All” so it was up to me to grab everything. At one point, I was grabbing so much loot I had to destroy the food and linen in my bag.

At one point, I saw him trying to take about 4 enemies at the same time and his green life bar was slowly dwindling. Instead of freezing up like a chump, I casted a Power Word: Shield on him and then proceeded to use my healing spells. This went one 3-4 times and luckily I was able to keep him alive! He thanked me for my great healing. I must admit, it was exciting and I felt good. It felt like I really contributed, myself being a lowly level 13 Priest to his level 41 Shaman.

As I was still high on the work I did as a healer, I fell off a cliff right smack dab in the middle of 5 dungeon denizens! I lasted about 1 minute before I was taken out. As I was ready to release my spirit, he told me to just wait as he would resurrect me! Supa Cool! After we finished the instance, he told me to just keep all of the loot! I was so happy and gracious that I decided to give him some money in trade. It was a very nice experience and glad to run into cool folks that would help out a lowly newbie.


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