It’s Not Always About the Fish

July 21, 2007

I remember the first time my parents saw my aquarium during a visit, the first thing they asked me was, “Where are the fish?” One of the things about keeping a saltwater coral reef tank is often times, fish take a back seat to the corals.

What’s the first thought when someone shows you an anchor coral? “Oh.. cool plant” is often what’s heard but most do not realize these corals are little creatures that require food, lighting, water movement, etc. 

My favorite thing is to show newcomers what happens when I turn off sunlight and kick up the actinic light to replicate the ocean night. Check out this example of a bubble coral under actinic lighting. The normal green coloration becomes a ghostly iridescent, the ‘bubbles’ part way to allow the hidden tentacles a chance to capture the flowing food. Such a sight and a great memory. It’s literally like having Discovery Channel in your family room!

The planning phase has been in the making. Soon, I will once again have a saltwater coral ref tank. Right now, it’s all about patience, and waiting for the right time.


2 Responses to “It’s Not Always About the Fish”

  1. Rick Matz Says:

    Something I want to work on in retirement, is a proper garden. A proper garden is never finished, I think.

  2. wujimon Says:

    Hey Rick.
    I’m waiting until my son gets a bit older before I venture down the aquarium path again. My wife tended to joke how she loved seeing the ‘hand coral’ in the fish tank as I could never stop rearranging things.. 🙂

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