The Quest Resumes

July 27, 2007

After about 3 weeks of battlegrounds grinding, it was time to take out my hunter into the world. He is fully decked out in PvP Rewards and most importantly has the Insignia of the Horde, which dispels all movement impairing effects, aka BREAK THAT FEAR SPELL YOU SUCKAS.

Personally, I HATE being feared. Those punk warlocks and priests turn my awesome hunter into a raving lunatic running around like a doofus! 😉 A common way to get around this is to either roll an Undead character due to the Will of Forsaken racial trait. However, since receiving the insignia, I HAVE NOT gone back in to battlegrounds with my hunter.. no worries as I’m quite sure I’ll run across some alliance fear spamming punks in Ashenvale or Stranglethorn Vale.

My first night resuming quests with my hunter, I decided to do a bit of clean-up. Checked all the gray quests to see if I wanted the rewards, if not, abandon. Then looked for any ‘complete’ quests in all was needed is a little chat with a NPC. One of my complete quests took me on a joyride to Arathi Highlands to turn in the Arathi Basin quest of assaulting bases.

After that, I stuck around the area to just roam around doing nothing. I walked around looking for mining veins, did a bit of fishing, just overall relaxing. It was definitely a good break from the pressures of BG grinding. Speaking of fishing, I really want to level up my fishing so I can make some pimp recipes and stamina food.


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