Tank Stocking Complete

October 30, 2007

Wow.. sounds really strange to say it, but for the most part, the stocking of my freshwater planted aquarium is complete. The reason this is so strange to me is because my previous tank was a saltwater coral reef tank. Even after having the coral reef tank up and running for over a year, I was still working on the stocking. The reason being that (1) Corals are expensive (approx $45-$60 each), (2) Corals are small, and (3) You must add corals slowly over time.

With my freshwater planted tank, I was able to get fully stocked with fish and plants in about a month or so. For details on fish and plants, check out my Aquarium Info Page.  The only thing I would really add to my tank are different types of plants. I want to try and find some Water Sprite to throw in so I can mix up the textures a bit. Other than that, things are good to go and I’m in maintenance mode.

Over the weekend, I did make some aquascaping changes after reading Aquatic Eden: The Golden Rule of Aquascaping. In my tank, I made the mistake of having more than one focal point. I had a driftwood structure on the left side and a cave rock structure on the right side. This resulted in ‘confusion’ for the eye as it gave no focal point to start from. I removed the rock cave and slightly adjusted the the vertex of my driftwood structure to be aligned 1/3 of the distance away from the left side. Additionally, I moved some of the taller plants to the rights side of the tank and readjusted some foreground plants. Overall, I have a nice sloping ‘V’ shape in my aquarium with a single focal point. The result, much calmer and pleasing to watch the tank.


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