CO2 Bubbling

November 16, 2007

After adding the Hagen Nutrafin CO2 Natural Plant System, I finally got a steady stream of bubbles! It took about 48 hrs after mixing the ingredients before things got rolling. I adjusted the ‘ladder’ a couple of time to make it level, so it’s rocking now!

The first couple of hours after bubbling were not productive as the CO2 bubbles basically clumped together and didn’t climb the ladder. After reading a couple of threads on forums about it taking some time to build up the coating and such, I just left it alone. Twelve hours later, I have a steady stream of climbing CO2 bubbles!

My current readings are:

13 CO2 Bubbles per Minute

pH: 7.2

kH: 8 degrees

Based on the following CO2 Chart [source: Rex’s Guide to CO2], I have 16.1 ppm of CO2! Since this falls in the green zone of the chart, I assume it’s ALL GOOD )  BTW, posted some photos of my tank at my picasaweb album.


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