Kribensis Pairing Continues

November 17, 2007

The first time I bought the Kribensis (kribs) from the local fish store, I picked up 2 of them. I thought I had a male/female pair, but it turns out I ended up getting 2 females. After a couple of days, the dominant female krib took the other one out of commission.

The following week, I brought back a male krib, but he was only about half the size of my female and she beat him to a pulp in the corner of the tank. Anticipating that he would not survive, I promptly took him back to the local fish store.

I was planning on keeping just a single female krib tank until I saw a pretty decent sized male krib. Figuring it was worth a shot, I took him home and instantly the female found him. To my surprise, she did not attack him but swam all around him, curving her body to make the red belly appear much bigger. I’ve never seen her so colorful before, she had hues of red, purple and blue. She ‘danced’ in front of the male pretty much all afternoon.

Thinking the pairing was a success, I was went to bed soundly. In the morning, I see the male krib hiding behind my canister filter spray bar. What?!?? Watching for a bit, I noticed the female dancing in front of the male again. However, the male appeared to show not interest and as such, she attacked him. This went on for a while, she would dance in front of him, and then seeing that nothing was going to happen, she attacked him again.

It’s been over a week, and the male is still alive. I am hoping that maybe if he gets a bit bigger, they may pair up. His colorations fluctuate from day to day. Sometimes he’s very colorful, other times he’s a muted brown.

If this doesn’t work out, I may pick up another male and stir things up a bit. Perhaps a little bit of competition will spark the pairing. I’ve heard the best thing to do is pickup like 6 of them and let pairs form naturally. However, having 6 kribs means 4 will have to go somewhere else and we’re a one fish tank household.. for now 😉


One Response to “Kribensis Pairing Continues”

  1. Taijiquan in Tampa Says:

    Maybe a little R&B or some drink specials will do the trick. 🙂

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