Plaxo Not So Bad…

February 21, 2008

Actually, for me, I think Plaxo is actually pretty good!  Previously, I was hesitant to sign up to the service due to all the acquaintance spam I received about it. However, since then, there has been a public apology and I don’t recall the last time I received any spam about Plaxo.

The main reason for looking at Plaxo is I wanted some sort of landing place where I could store and update my contacts and calendar. The main drawing point for me is Plaxo’s motto:

One simple interface for all your ‘sync points’

Basically, this allows you to sync Plaxo with things like Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Mac, etc! My main goal was getting Plaxo to sync with Outlook, my current Personal Information Manager (PIM).

The setup was quite easy. I basically created an account with Plaxo, then opted to download their sync program. The installation was a snap and with a few clicks of a new toolbar within Outlook, all of my Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes was in Plaxo.

My next test was to see if adding a new contact in Plaxo resulted in the contact being found in Outlook and vice versa. This worked out perfectly and even better, if I removed a contact in Outlook, it also removed the contact in Plaxo!

The final test for me was to test the calendar sync. I added a new meeting online in Plaxo and with a flick of a switch (click of a button, really.. 🙂 ), the meeting was in my Outlook!

Saweet! I must say that right now, I am a happy camper of the Plaxo service. For all the bad rap Plaxo has gotten, I enjoy using and would recommend the service to others.


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