Gaming Trojan in Insignia Photoframe

February 22, 2008

Wow.. I was literally shocked when I heard about the whole trojan issue with Insignia Photoframes [via: TWIT Episode 132]! Check out some of the details:

According to an analyst form Computer Associates, the trojan, called Mocmex, is able to block more than 100 types of security and anti-virus software from killing it, and bypasses the Windows firewall to download files from remote locations, spreading them randomly over your hard drive and any portable storage device you plug into your PC — like, for example, a digital photo frame. The trojan is apparently set to only steal gaming passwords at present …

Currently set to steal gaming passwords! How crazy is that! I have heard stories how the ‘digital economy’ is much more lucrative than going after someone’s real life funds, but this is just ridiculous. To me, that is so lame to go after one’s leisure time, especially gaming! If people weren’t paranoid enough in this world, we have to be even more paranoid about our games!


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