Caved for a Nintendo DS

February 26, 2008

nintendo-ds-cobalt-blueLast week, I caved in to my urges and traded in my Gameboy Advanced SP for a Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt Blue! I was a bit hesitant at first due to the slight sticker shock of the total package, but I got a pretty good deal on the trade-in value of my old SP.

I have been contemplating this trade-in for the last couple of months or so and finally bit the bullet. The kicker was after seeing great reviews for Professor Layton and the Curious Village – DS. I knew this would be a great game for myself and my wife to enjoy and therefore, I *HAD* to get it!

One of the first things I noticed about Professor Layton was the graphic quality! Mind you, this IS my first DS game I have seen and played. The split screen layout is very nice and the whole atmosphere reminded me of a Japanese anime movie, my wife and I are huge fans of the genre. The game is basically a story-based puzzle game, almost Sherlock Holmes like.

The other game I had to pick up was Brain Age 2.  These ‘brain training’ games are one of the main draws to the DS system for us. We played a bit of the first game on Toys R Us and couldn’t help but laugh and chuckle when we saw our ‘Brain Age’. As it stands, my brain age is like 78 with my wife being 61!! Nutty as we are more than half those ages in real life! I guess that means we could really use this game to help train our brain!

One of the cool games included in Brain Age 2 is Sudoku.  I never really got into this game before, but now that I know the rules and know how to play, it’s quite interesting. I can definitely see how some people are hooked on this game. Additionally, Brain Age 2 has these daily training games where you get a stamp for each day you do training. The neat thing is I can compare my scores against my wife’s scores and then we can make fun of each other 😉

One of my truly favorite things about the DS is it’s portable nature. For example, last night while my wife was watching some TV, I did my Brain Age daily training. This allowed for me to ‘be in the room’ and be together while each of us were doing our own things. During commercial breaks, she would try to help me on the word scramble puzzle and such, but this truly is one of the biggest allures I have with the Nintendo DS.

Additionally, not all is lost regarding SP games as the DS can play the SP cartridges. This is especially good as I do have some games that I enjoy on the SP (old Mario and Zelda games). However, now that I have been bitten by the DS bug, I WANT MORE GAMES! Right now, I’m really looking closely at Animal Crossing:Wild World and Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (which won GDC’s 2008 Best New Handheld Game Award)


3 Responses to “Caved for a Nintendo DS”

  1. Mayu Says:

    Awww that cobalt blue DS is sooo awesome!!
    Here in Germany they sell only white, black, pink and recently silver… 😦
    ACWW is really recommended. I’m addicted for over one and a half year at this game and still playing it every day… (well, perhaps I’m crazy but there are lots of other nutters, too, hehe)
    Keep up the good work here, I like your blog^^

  2. Shang Lee Says:

    envious… i’m still putting the brakes on the Wii…..

  3. wujimon Says:

    haha.. my in-laws have a Wii, so we just play with that one 😉 I think we have enough game systems in the house as is.. 🙂

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