Scary Mario

April 2, 2008

My son and father-in-law have been playing Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii together. It’s quite a funny and cute sight to see them sitting shoulder to shoulder in front of the TV playing a video game. At first, it was my son taking charge of the 2nd player to assist in stopping enemies and gathering stars. However, over time, he now wants to control the 1st player Wiimote . When this happens, his responsibility is to jump while my father-in-law controls the movement with the nunchuck analog stick.

Just recently, my son began getting quite scared and frightened with the influx of ‘bad monsters’ on the screen. He especially gets a bit stirred up during boss encounters.  Last night, it go so bad that my wife had to jump in and take over the 2nd player wiimote to assist in the boss battle.

The weird thing is that the whole ‘scariness’ aspect seems rather recent. For example, he used to never be scared of the dark but now he is. He used to never talk about monsters but now he does. At first we attributed it to conversations with classmates at daycare, but perhaps there’s something more. Maybe before he wasn’t really processing the data and making the connections, but now he is?


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