A Weekend of Team Fortress 2

September 15, 2008

While waiting for the launch of Warhammer Online, I decided to install and load up some of my unfinished Half Life 2 games, including Team Fortress 2 (TF2). The first time I tried playing TF2, I didn’t really like it as I felt it too twitchy.  However, this time coming back, I can say I am pleasantly surprised by how much fun I am having in the game.

The last time I played a class based first person shooter, I was a Medic in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For some reason I am always attracted to the healer type role.  This weekend, I had quite a bit of fun playing an Engineer and building the sentry guns.  I must admit, I had to do a couple of web searches to learn about some Engineer tactics, but they were easy enough to comprehend and pick up.

After getting schooled a couple of times being an Engineer, I switched things up and tried out a defensive based Demoman. This is basically pipe bomb heaven and just launching bombs in hopes of having the enemy enter within the vicinity.  The final class I played was a soldier and had a load of fun shooting rockets at players. I wasn’t elite enough to do any rocket jumps, but had fun playing D as a soldier.

I can definitely seeing TF2 being a nice change of pace when I need a little something non-MMO.  I am still debating if I want to stick with TF2 or potentially head to some Call of Duty 4 action.


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