Tiger Barbs in Da House

September 16, 2008

As I was chatting with MIL, I mentioned to her that in college I use to have a bunch of Tiger Barbs.  She sounded really excited about the idea b/c she thinks I need a bit more color in my tank, even though the coloration found within my Kribs are the most varied I have seen, they are a bit subtle.

While out and about running errands, I stopped at my local fish store (LFS) and they happened to have a special on Tiger Barbs @ $0.78 each! Since I hold a member’s card, I get an additional 10% off!  I came home and slowly acclimated the 6 tiger barbs and upon the release into the tank, I could definitely tell they shook things up a bit.

My tank is currently comprised of some Kribs (lower strata), Corydoras (lower strata), and cherry barbs (mid/upper strata).  Tiger barbs are known to swim everywhere in a tank and that they did. The basically shook up the existing territories of ALL the fish in the tank, including the cave like region dominated by Kribs. 

One interesting thing is that 5 of the tiger barbs swim together with 1 being kind of a loaner. At first I thought he might soon perish due to a potential bladder swimming problem as I sometimes see him swimming in place with nose pointed down, but after a bit of web searching, this is apparently normal behavior for tiger barbs, especially after eating or if they are resting. Whew.. anyhoo, I will definitely keep an eye on this loner.

Additionally, since the addition of the new guys, I have had 1 casualty, a cherry barb. I had seen the tiger barbs ganging up on the cherries, but thought they could fend for themselves. Soon after, I began seeing some white marks that look like battle scars on one of the cherry barbs and the next day, she was down.  I see another potential issue stirring up with another one of the cherry, but I am hesitant to get fully involved as I prefer to allow things to play out and let the strongest survive.  Perhaps this may change as I plan to setup a small 10 gallon grow-out tank for some of the Kribs.

Overall, the addition of the tiger barbs has been a definite hit with the family. Not only do they provide a nice contrast in colors (orange, black, red), but they are quite active and fun to watch. From a stocking perspective, I am pretty much done but may add 1-2 more corydoras cats to the mix.


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