An Evening of Warhammer Online

September 17, 2008

Yesterday marked my first night of playing Warhammer Online (WAR)! The night started a bit rocky as I was placed into a queue to get into the server. No biggie as I had encountered this type of thing with World of Warcraft (WoW). 

I only played for about 2 hours and was able to achieve Rank 5 with Renown Rank 5 (RR)!  As you can probably see, I did quite a bit of PvP to keep my RR in line with my character rank. In fact, I did so much PvP starting at character rank 2, that I actually capped my RR rank!  What this basically means is that your Renown Rank cannot exceed your character rank.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun scenarios are! It was definitely nice to get right into the thick of battle from the get go as oppose do PvE quests until I got to a high enough level before I could jump in an PvP (ala WoW, “get out of the 29 BGs you n00b lowbie!”)  One of the really cool things about WAR is that if you join a scenario as a party, you are automatically put into the same scenario group.

Also, player collision really changes the PvP dynamics! Not only do you collide with enemy players (ie, not able to run through them), you also collide with you own faction!  There were multiple times in which I was literally surrounded by Order players and then beaten to a pulp with nowhere to run. X had mentioned to me a couple of times in which she was pushed into a corner and beaten down.. so be aware of player collision and it’s impact on mobility.

Playing as a Disciple of Khaine (DoK), I found it a bit difficult to try and balance the whole DPS/Healing role. More specifically, I found it difficult to target ally players while trying to dish out damage to the enemy. Targeting people in my own party was easy, but trying to heal those outside my was another story. Do I try and click on them in the heat of battle when they are surrounded by enemies? There is a huge room for error in this instance, which is too much when the battle changes within seconds.  How do I easily tab through ally players?  I think it’s CTRL+TAB, but I will have to confirm if this is true.

One of the more funny incidents was trying to heal a sorceress in my party due to the following mechanic:

The Sorceress channels the raw Winds of Chaos enabling her to blast her enemies from afar with Dark Magic. The problem with channeling Chaos is that it has the potential of backfiring and causing damage to its caster! (Source: IGN Warhammer Vault Sorceress Guide)

Overall, I had a great time and really like the ‘pick up and play’ nature of the game. No longer do I feel that I *must* do X to get Y, as there are multiple ways of getting X in WAR.  Example being that I can get experience points from either PvE questing, Public Quests, Scenarios, RvR, etc, etc. I can jump in for a small amount of time and still feel like I am accomplishing something for myself and the guild!


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