Local Ventrilo Server

November 18, 2008

Since my wife and I have started up World of Warcraft (WoW) again, we needed to find a way to communicate with each other in game. Previously, we would just use our guild’s Ventrilo server, but we are currently un-guilded right now. We also tried using Skype, and while it worked well, there was a concern for lag as well as lacking the ‘push-to-talk’ feature.  In other words, I can choose whether or not I wanted to broadcast my loud, ear piercing cough.

I checked out some Ventrilo server hosting and was seeing some quotes or roughly $4 per month. While not extremely expensive, definitely not a cost we wanted to incur for such a sparse event.  While looking at the Ventrilo clients, something sparked and dawned on me, why not just host the Ventrilo server myself?

As I am not currently running a Linux box, I downloaded the Windows 32bit server software. Then did a brief once-over of the setup install guide and I was up and running in no time.  Since I wanted to make this a local vent server, I did not have to worry about doing any port forwarding in my router.  The only thing I had to do was add the Ventrilo server to my firewall exception list.

I currently use static IPs for the computers in my household as I do PC-specific application port forwarding so figuring out the IP address was not an issue. I loaded up my Ventrilo client and entered the IP address of my computer and entered in the default port of 3784 and I was connected to my local Ventrilo server! YEAH! I ran over to my wife’s computer and created a new server pointing to my computer and she was able to also connect!

Now, we could play ANY game we wanted and could easily chat with each other via the local Ventrilo server. Since the network traffic is strictly local, there is very little impact to our online gaming. Seeing Ping values of 0-10 on the client is just ridiculous! For anyone with more than one PC gamer in the house, setting up a local Ventrilo server is a must-have and a very easy thing to accomplish!


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