Kung Pao Turkey

November 28, 2008

Being raised in an Asian household can result in some interesting ‘holiday’ meals. However, yesterday I was thinking about my son going to daycare and being asked if he had lots of turkey for Thanksgiving. Not wanting him to feel left out or made fun of, I fibbed a bit and told him we were having turkey noodle for lunch.  This was only half a fib because we did have fried noodles for lunch, but instead of turkey, we had a mixture of Chinese sausage and SPAM.

Then, at dinner, I told my son we would be having Kung Pao Turkey, though in actually it was my father-in-law’s awesome recipe for Kung Pao Chicken.  With the exception of the requested Green Bean Casserole that I put together, the remaining dishes for Thanksgiving dinner were Asian stir-fry type dishes. This ranged from sweet and spicy cabbage to eggs and scallops, to sweet and sour marinated ribs, to shrimp chips.  It was a great meal and I didn’t miss the normal Thanksgiving dishes, though I wish we had some pumpkin pie to finish off the meal, but instead we had ice cream.


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