Dreams of Tacos, Suckage and Taiji

November 29, 2008

I had a dream last night that I was walking through our local public library and then saw a Canon G9 camera in the return bin. At first I had looked at the camera and then walked on, but I soon later returned with the temptation to take the camera from the bin. I checked to see if anyone was around and when I felt things were clear, I pocketed the camera.

I then turned to head out of the library and as I did, I felt nervous and anxious, feeling as if someone would find and expose me.  However, the closer I got to the door, I began seeing people line up because some of the local vendors were selling some type of deep friend taco.  I saw a woman head to her husband with a bag of the deep fried tacos in hand, the husband took the bag and began eating the tacos without offering any to his wife.

The dream ended when I began walking out of the door of the library. I guess I will never know if I made it out with the camera or if someone called me back.

Just now, my son came into my office asking for water. I was heading to the bathroom to get him some water and as I was heading out, my sleeping wife says to me, “You suck.” Surprised because I thought she was asleep, I said “What?” “You suck at Pictionary or whatever game we were playing in my dream. You suck.” says my wife as she turns around and goes back to sleep.

I can remember another dream I had last night and this one was about taiji.  I was on the way home from somewhere and decided to stop by and pay a visit to my taiji buddy, JB. After getting to JB’s house, we chatted for a bit and then decided to go and check out the class of a local taiji instructor. After getting to the taiji school, the weird thing is that the class was held on a platform about 15 or so feet above the seating/observation area.  There was currently a karate class going on and the taiji class wasn’t going to start for another 2 hours or so.  JB decided to buy a book on taiji written by the instructor as we were waiting for the class to begin. Feeling restless, I told JB I had to leave now as I had to get home and couldn’t wait for the class to begin.

The weird thing about me is that I rarely ever remember my dreams. I know I have dreams at night, but it’s usually like maybe once a month or so that I remember what I had dreamt about the night before.


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