Added a Clown Pleco

December 1, 2008

I haven’t had much luck with algae eaters in my 37g freshwater planted tank as of late. I had a nice rubbermouth pleco but he plopped over after maybe 4 months of service.  I have always had otocinclus cats but tend to be quite sensitive with a very low mortality rate.  In fact, out of the 8 or so I have purchased over the lifetime of my tank, only 3 remain today.

Anyhoo, the algae buildup in my tank has been creeping up and I needed another true algae eating workhorse in my tank, so I opted for the clown pleco.  From what I have read, these guys stay small and eat well. However, on the flip side, they tend to frequently hide, which is alright by me.  I put the little guy into the tank on Saturday and haven’t seen him since that evening. The algae is still around, but I am assuming he’s still adjusting.


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