Phonetic Alphabet

December 1, 2008

Often times on the phone, I like to provide a phonetic pairing with letters. Letters in my name as well as letters in my email address can often be misheard. Perhaps I just suck at pronunciation, but whatever. Below is a list of the NATO phonetic alphabet that I am committing to memory.

A:  Alpha
B:  Bravo
C:  Charlie
D:  Delta
E:  Echo
F:  Foxtrot
G:  Golf
H:  Hotel
I:  India
J:  Juliet
K:  Kilo
L:  Lima
M:  Mike
N:  November
O:  Oscar
P:  Papa
Q:  Quebec
R:  Romeo
S:  Sierra
T:  Tango
U:  Uniform
V:  Victor
W:  Whiskey
X:  X-Ray
Y:  Yankee
Z:  Zulu


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