Planning a 20g Long Aquarium

December 7, 2008

Yup yup, after roughly 20 years of fish keeping, I will be moving into the foray of having more than 1 aquarium!  I feel strange that it has taken me this long, but it feels good.

The plan is to put a 20 gallon long aquarium in my home office. While my home office is not that big, I think a 20g will do just fine. I almost considered a 29g tank, but that’s pushing it a bit and might be overwhelming for my space.

So, I have been doing some reconnaissance work for the past week or so thinking if I wanted a 10g, 20g high or 20g long tank. One of my coworkers is willing to give me one of his spare 10g tanks, but if I am going to setup a second tank, might as well do it right. Plus, who knows, perhaps I will find room for a small 10g tank down the road … there’s always my son’s room 😉

The 20g long tank is roughly 6 inches longer than a 20g high, which means I could keep more fish as they will have more room to create territory. Not too many fish worry much about vertical space as they do horizontal (discus and angelfish excluded).

I went through a couple of stocking plans and realizing that I enjoy the behavior and coloration of cichlids, I have finally settled on a plan of based on the Cichlid Forum Cookie Cutter 20g long stocking list.  My hopes are to setup a South American based aquarium centering around a German Blue Ram (Microgeophagus ramirezi). 

I had tried keeping blue rams back in my college days with little to no success.  Hopefully this time will be different as I am a bit more experienced and have a pretty established and stable main tank that I can tap for plants and good bacteria.  Other tank mates will include some type of tetra, hopefully the Rummy Nose Tetra and the Blue Emperor Tetra.  Additionally, I would like to see if I can sneak in some corydoras catfish as they are just too cute!

To further set the wheels in motion, I picked up a Hagen AquaClear 30 filter Hang on the Back (HOB) filter for like $28 out the door with 3 month supply of filter media! My local fish store had a sale and I had a 25% off coupon!  I will start putting together a supply list as I want to optimize the AquaClear.

It feels like I am on the cusp of a new adventure, entering into the world of multiple fish tanks. I have heard stories about people getting bit by the fish bug, I just hope I’ll stick with just 2 aquariums.. maybe 3 max.. 😉


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