Much Ado about Nothing

December 11, 2008


After about 20 mins from leaving the house, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my packed lunch. Doh! The reasoning is simple, I was a bit agitated this morning after some teeth brushing and crying spouts with the little guy. Not really his fault, but I should not have let it get to me so much.

Last night, I placed an order for some supplies I need for my new 20 gallon long aquarium to go in my home office area. I spent a little bit more than what I intended.  I am justifying the purchase by thinking the aquarium’s stress-relieving benefits. I have been feeling a bit more stressed as of late.

The holiday season is one of the busiest timeframes at work, so the extra work load doesn’t really help things out with lessening the stress. However, I have been trying to work out more by hitting the gym. A bit of cardio and weight lifting does a body and mind good, though it’s Thursday and I haven’t been to the gym this week. I like to do the Tue/Thur/Sat schedule, so hopefully I can go tonight.

I wanted to do some meditation work last night, but I was feeling a bit buzzed from a mixed drink of blue Alize’ and sprite. I normally don’t drink during the week, but last night was an exception because my wife had requested it.  Sure, I could have just made one for her, but where is the fun in that?

So far, I am ok with having a blog on the standard free hosting. Normally, when I think of a new handle, I snatch up the domain name, setup a blog with said domain name and register all the necessary services with the new handle. This can be quite a bit of work and time consuming, especially re-registering all my commonly used services with the new handle. I could easily just reuse or stick with an older more established handle, but doing so would really start to irritate and agitate me. I *need* to have things a certain way, probably the anal-retentive nature in me.

I wish I was a Civilization 4 player.  The game is strategic, turn-based and challenging with tons of complexity.  Plus, I think it would be cool to tell people I play a game like Civ4.  It is sort of like the feeling of telling people I enjoy playing Chess or Go (weiqi).  Perhaps I am more interested in the idea of being that instead of actually doing it… Right now, I just don’t have the patience to sit down and learn it as I feel there is a lot more other productive stuff I could be doing with my time, like fully cleaning my home office to make room for the new aquarium. The interesting struggle between wants and needs.

</ end rant>


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