Setting up the 20g Long Office Aquarium

December 14, 2008

This weekend, I decided to take the dive and setup the 20g long aquarium in my home office. The first stage consisted of extracting roughly 5 lbs of eco-complete gravel from my main tank.  I ended up mixing the eco-complete with another 5lbs of small grain gravel from the local fish store. I only have about 10 lbs of gravel in a 20g tank, but I figured it will make the cleaning and maintenance easy.

I also moved over some trimmings of jungle val, java fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii, and Anubias barteri.  With roughly 1 watt per gallon of light and very little eco-complete, I am hoping they will survive in the low light with some supplement of Flourish Excel here and there.

Next was the setup of the AquaClear hang on the back filter.  I saw some optimization links where they take out all the of the media except the sponge filter, but I decided to keep all three stages of media: (1) sponge – mechanical, (2) carbon – chemical, (3) biomax – biological.  However, to try and jump start the biological, I pulled a handful of  ehfisubstrat from my eheim pro canister filter of my main tank.

The next day, the versa glass top and standard light fixture arrived, so I used that as a sign to transfer some fish from my main tank. The main reason for setting up another aquarium was to setup a grow out tank after multiple spawnings of my kribs. My main tank has 7 kribs in it, which is way too many for a 37g gallon high. 

After about an hour of so of clearing out all the driftwood and most of the plants, I was able to net 4 of them.  I must admit, kribs are pretty smart as it was very difficult to catch them.  Not only were they hiding in the plants, but would weave in and out of the heater and even trying to swim into the surface skimmer.  This left the dominant male and 2 females in the main tank.

I don’t really want any more krib fry, but I wanted to see some of the social interactions that a harem could provide.  Additionally, I was afraid the male would lose his color if no females were present.  Plus, having a gang load of tiger barbs in the tank will most likely result in very little, if any fry survive. Survival of the fittest, right?

After transferring the 4 kribs to my 20g tank, they mostly just hid either in the corner or in a cave I had setup.  I am assuming it will just take a while for them to settle in, but perhaps if I add some dither fish to the mix, they will come out more.  These guys are mostly in holding right now as a coworker of mine wants 3 kribs for his daughter’s new aquarium.


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