Rescape and Black Neon Tetras

January 2, 2009

A couple of days ago, I noticed one of the male kribensis (krib) in my 20g long office tank was attacking the 2 other males pretty regularly.  This got so bad that the other kribs basically hung out in the corner of the tank.

Realizing I would soon have a problem on my hands if I didn’t act fact, I purchased another piece of driftwood and a cave like structure to add more line of sight breaks to the tank.

Additionally, after the rescape, the 2 of the kribs mostly hung out in the caves while the third one swam aimlessly. In order to entice some of these guys in the open, as kribs are shy, I decided on adding 6 black neon tetras as dither fish.  I have never really kept any tetras in the past as I have a fondness for barbs, but so far, I have to admit they look rather nice in the tank. Their neon line is like a blue/black shimmer based on viewing angle.

I definitely need to try to find some type of floating plant to create a more subdued lighting effect to enhance the coloration of the tetras and kribs. Initially my goal to to make the 20g long a grow out tank but so far, I like having kribs, even though I have them in my main tank too.  Perhaps when the day comes that my local fish store gets in a shipment of bolivian rams, I may reconsider.  They currently have some german blue rams in stock, but I had bad luck with them in the past and their delicateness worries me as I only do a 15% water change every other week.

Below is a pic of the rescape with the black neon tetras:


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