Remove the Case for that New Phone Feeling

January 7, 2009

Do you want a new cell phone, yet not quite ready to pull the trigger on the purchase? Well, if so, you can do what I did and just remove the protective case from your existing cell phone to provide the “New Phone Feeling” again.

I am currently in the position where my contract is about to expire so I can get a discount on a phone purchase with another 2 yr extension.  Initially I was leaning towards the Blackberry Bold until I realized the price for it is roughly $299!! Personally, I do not like to spend more than $150 on a phone. I almost made the jump and got a refurbished 8g 3G iPhone for $99, but didn’t want to fit the bill on a $30 monthly data plan. I’m just a frugal person and want to keep my expenses as low as possible.

So, right now, I am basically leaning towards getting the “new to AT&T” Blackberry Curve 8320 that includes wifi. This way, I can use my phone to hop on the information superhighway when I’m out and about if I’m near a hotspot like StarBucks or Burger King, etc.  Soon, it will be time to say goodbye to my first generation Samsung Blackjack. The journey has been interesting and I’m ready for new beginnings


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