Why does Amquel+ Stink?

December 12, 2009

Source: Amquel+

Amquel+ does a lot of good things like remove toxins, conditions the water, all sort of good stuff.  But why does Amquel+ water conditioner for aquariums stink so bad?  I found the following explanation on a forum:

The smell is the sulfur in the main ingredients, hydrosulfieds. If it didn't smell light rotten eggs, you know it has gone bag. With proper dosing the tank should not smell like sulfur If it does, then you have another problem…hydrogen-sulfied gas pockets in your substrate. This is deadly.

I just keep my Prime bottle in a big ziplock once its open. Stops the cabinet from smelling. [via Cichlid-Forum]

Makes sense to me.  I like the tip about putting the bottle in a zip lock bag!

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