20g Long multies tank pics

January 9, 2010

Updated pics of my 20g long multies african shelldweller tank. Not sure if it's easy to see how much rescaping these little guys have decided to do on their own 😉

Multies running the tank

December 8, 2009

Of the 11 multies I received over the weekend, 3 camps have formed in my 20g long.  About 5 or so fish have congregated to the front right corner of the tank.  This group is composed of maybe a single male, a female and some juvies.  Another group of about 3 have staked out territory in the sea shell bed I laid out on the left side of the tank.  The remaining 3 or so juvies just sort of hang out on their own in various nooks and crannies, but kept apart from the 2 groups formed.

The 3 caudos are having a harder time establishing their territory. This is surprising as they are bigger than the multies, but I guess there is strength in numbers. One caudo is pinned to the upper left hand corner of the tank, I fear for his survival as he looked sickly compared to the other 2 caudos. 

One of the caudos is trying to slowly weave his way into the right side of the tank that has a mixture of rock, plants and driftwood. However, ever time he nears, the colony of 5 multies work together to push him back. It’s quite amusing as sometime he will be able to hover in their territory for a bit before they notice him there.

The other caudo has taken refuge in a small cave like structure near the center of the tank. Whenever he gets near the shell bed, he gets chased away by the multi trio there.  He will either go to the top of the tank near the pinned caudo, or he will retreat back to the safety of his cave.

I really thought the caudos would take over the tank and leave the poor multies hiding in shells most of the time, however the opposite has proven to be true. My multies are out and about swimming all over the place. I was afraid they would be hidden most of the time, but perhaps the abundance of shells, plants, rocks and driftwood has made them comfortable and secure.   

A Fishy Weekend

December 7, 2009

The past weekend went by so quickly. All week, I have been preparing for receiving my new shellies! This included transferring the fish from my 20L to my 37H tank and changing out the substrate from gravel to sand.  Transferring the fish were easy as I just netted up 6 rasboras and simply moved them to my 37g tank that currently houses a breeding pair of kribs.

Saturday afternoon, I drove about 45 minutes to meet someone who drove 5+ hours for the upcoming swap meet! We met at the hotel lobby and did the exchange. I received 11 multies and 3 caudopunks!  Luckily I had spent the earlier week running around to the local fish and hobby stores to get some snail shells for the little guys.

Sunday morning was spent with the family driving to the local area swap meet. I was forewarned that I should arrive early as the swap meet can get pretty packed.  We arrived about 20 mins after the swap meet began.  The hotel had joined together 3 conference rooms for the swap meet. Some of the aisles were shoulder to shoulder with people looking at fish and supplies.

Luckily I had decided to take care of the fish purchase the day before as I could not imagine trying to find someone at the meet. There were tons of great fish selections available as well as lots of accessories too. I came away from the swap meet with some shells, rocks, driftwood and a prefilter.  Overall, it was a good event and I’m pretty sure I saved quite a bit of money on the purchase of the rocks and driftwood.

My son has been inquiring about when he could have a fish tank. He’s only 5 years old, but he’s been asking for an aquarium for some time now. What kind of fish guy am I if I can’t provide my son with his own aquarium? In fact, an aquarium is the first pet I ever had growing up. I remember my cousin giving me a 20H tank with angel fish and silver dollars as my first aquarium.

On the way home from the swap meet, we stopped at a local fish store and purchase a 10g starter kit that came with a full spectrum light, hood, filter and heater. A pretty good deal considering the price of heaters!  I let the little guy pick out a piece of decoration so he could identify with the aquarium.  He picked out a cannon and a sunken submarine. We purchased the cannon and I told him the submarine would come later as a surprise.  I generally try to avoid having “fake” decorations in my fish tank as I try to make things look at natural as possible, but for my 5 yr old son, I will make an exception ;) 

So, over the weekend, I’ve gone from a 2-tank guy to a 3-tank guy. I told my wife this is not really that much since I’ve met people that have 5, even 20 aquariums. At most, I may become a 4-tank guy if I am in need of a grow out tank for my shellies 😉

Just arrived home from getting 11 multies and 3 caudos for my 20L office tank! Woohoo! Just finished acclimating and now letting the little guys settle in their new environment.

Ich Treatment Cycle

January 12, 2009

Just started an Ich (white spot) treatment cycle on my 20g long office tank aquarium using Aquari-Sol.  Instructions seem easy enough, increase temp to 85F and add 12 drops per 10 gallons until fish are cured. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am blaming the ICK on the black neon tetras I picked up from the local PetSmart! I guess I will not be buying fish there anymore. Will stick with my local tried and true PetLand. To each their own as establishments differ from locale to locale.