Umm.. I guess I shouldn’t waste my money. My wife always used to laugh at me because I would by stuff like Airborne if I thought I was coming down with something. Call me superstitious, call me paranoid of getting sick, call me a fool for false beliefs.

… Airborne agreed to settle a complaint with the FTC of false advertising because their nasty orange mixture doesn’t actually prevent colds. The original settlement was for $23.5M and the FTC recently added $6.5M to the original figure to bring it to $30M (this is all subject to approval by a federal court in California). [via]

Will I continue to buy Airborne? Most likely not but sometimes things just work via the placebo effect. The better question is, should we pay hard earned money for a placebo?


100 Push Ups

July 18, 2008

On Wed, I started the 100 Push Ups Training Program, but I mixed it up a bit and added some sit-ups and squats to the mix. For fun, I was playing around with Hindu Squats and my wife busted out laughing. I know.. it looks weird, and it hurts my knees so I went back to regular squats and holding stances for the leg workout. The funny thing is that it’s Friday and I am still sore!  My wife asked if I was working out yesterday evening and said it’s not good to workout 2 days in a row and that I needed to rest my muscles. She’s gonna be watching me tonight, but this time I am going to drag her into the workout with me!

Scientists found those who drank two or three cups of black tea a day were less than half as likely to exhibit early signs of dementia as those who never or rarely drank it.

– Source:

Luckily for me, I am a fan of drinking tea. In fact, I will usually drink roughly 3 mugs of tea per day. I start the morning off with some loose leaf green or oolong tea and then will refill the same mug twice in the same day. Personally, I feel that tea tastes better on the second brew )