John Roy Comic Stand Up

January 3, 2009

Recently saw a John Roy comic stand up with my wife and we HAD A BLAST! He was great! I highly suggest anyone that has access to one of his venues to check him out!  He’s a hoot and has a lot of great material. I especially liked the stuff about being broke and living on ramen and his thoughts on video gamers!


New Term: Quarter-Life Crisis

December 23, 2008

While driving into work this morning, I was listening to the Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk

Quarter-Life Crisis [wikipedia]:

term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the early twenties to the early thirties. The term is named by analogy with mid-life crisis. It is now recognized by many therapists and professionals in the mental health field.

I must admit, I was surprised there was even such a term and even more surprised at some of the emotional aspects.  The following paragraph sums things up nicely:

These emotions and insecurities are not uncommon at this age, nor at any age in adult life. In the context of the quarter-life crisis, however, they occur shortly after a young person – usually an educated professional, in this context – enters the "real world".[1] After entering adult life and coming to terms with its responsibilities, some individuals find themselves experiencing career stagnation or extreme insecurity. The individual often realizes the real world is tougher, more competitive and less forgiving than they imagined. Furthermore, the qualifications they have spent so much time and money earning are not likely to prepare them for this disillusionment.

I must admit, that I recently hit the big three-O (aka 30 yrs old) and don’t really feel that much different nor do I have many doubts or regrets about my current stage. I used to have quite a bit of nostalgic memories of college and remembering how things were care-free then, but those are times of the past. What I can do today, however, is to try and reforge some of my old relationships that I have let slide.  This has mostly been achieved by becoming a bit more active on Facebook.

I never really used Facebook much in the past, but after noticing more and more of my family members sharing photos and thoughts via Facebook, I decided to take the plunge after seeing my wife become more active in trying to reconnect with her old classmates and friends.  I have to admit that it has been rather fun and I do see the allure in using Facebook.

In no particular order:

  1. “Condemnation” by Depeche Mode
  2. “Letter of Fate” by Goldie
  3. “Only You” by Portishead
  4. “Mad World” by Michael Andrews
  5. “Glasgow Love Theme” on Love Actually Soundtrack

Phonetic Alphabet

December 1, 2008

Often times on the phone, I like to provide a phonetic pairing with letters. Letters in my name as well as letters in my email address can often be misheard. Perhaps I just suck at pronunciation, but whatever. Below is a list of the NATO phonetic alphabet that I am committing to memory.

A:  Alpha
B:  Bravo
C:  Charlie
D:  Delta
E:  Echo
F:  Foxtrot
G:  Golf
H:  Hotel
I:  India
J:  Juliet
K:  Kilo
L:  Lima
M:  Mike
N:  November
O:  Oscar
P:  Papa
Q:  Quebec
R:  Romeo
S:  Sierra
T:  Tango
U:  Uniform
V:  Victor
W:  Whiskey
X:  X-Ray
Y:  Yankee
Z:  Zulu

I had a dream last night that I was walking through our local public library and then saw a Canon G9 camera in the return bin. At first I had looked at the camera and then walked on, but I soon later returned with the temptation to take the camera from the bin. I checked to see if anyone was around and when I felt things were clear, I pocketed the camera.

I then turned to head out of the library and as I did, I felt nervous and anxious, feeling as if someone would find and expose me.  However, the closer I got to the door, I began seeing people line up because some of the local vendors were selling some type of deep friend taco.  I saw a woman head to her husband with a bag of the deep fried tacos in hand, the husband took the bag and began eating the tacos without offering any to his wife.

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That’s right. tangled phone cords is a pet peeve of mine. The first thing I do when coming into work in the morning is to check my desk telephone cord.  If it’s tangled, I MUST unplug the cord from the headset and untangle it.

I think this little pet peeve of mine stems all the way back to my younger years before the times of cordless phones. I remember my mom having a super duper long telephone cord so she could basically walk around the house at leisure chatting on the phone. In fact, I often recall times where my sisters and I would play limbo and jump rope with the telephone cord while my mom was in conversation. Let’s just say that things did not get pretty when we accidentally landed into the phone cord instead of jumping over it 🙂

Clutter Begone

July 19, 2008

About a year ago, I realized the overwhelming amount of clutter that surrounded me. My desk had loose paper here and there, keys out and about, stacks of CD/DVD disks piled in various configurations. Basically, I just had too much stuff!

Then, I read some articles 43Folders in which Merlin Mann talks about his own war on clutter.  Based upon Merlin’s recommendation, I got a copy of It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh.

Now that we are in the midst of selling our home and moving, the clutter has brought itself to the forefront.  One of the first things I have done is to prune the bookshelf by selling off a lot of books to Powell’s [hat tip to Unclutterer: Bringing your bookshelves back to order]. Even with that, I still had a full bookcase full of books that I will move with me.

Also, having a kid will definitely multiply the clutter if things are not kept in check. Another thing I started doing a while ago was to either take a digital picture or scan of my son’s artwork. This way, only the ‘keepers’ would stay and the rest would be tossed.

However, there is a big looming monster over my head that needs to be confronted and that’s the filing cabinet. Sure, I implemented some GTD (Getting Things Done) techniques to file things right away, but now I have way too much stuff in those folders. Time to toss those old credit card statements and utilities bills.