Last week, I stopped by the local Best Buy to pick up Call of Duty: World at War (CoDWaW) for the PC.  The latest installment in the Call of Duty (CoD) franchise takes us back into the war-filled years of World War II (WWII).  Personally, I am a fan of the WWII timeframe, so I had to pick this up.

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Age and Gaming

December 11, 2008

You don’t stop playing games when you get old ….

you get old when you stop playing games.

— Source: Game Chronicles Tagline

The WoW Fraud

December 3, 2008

I almost feel like a fraud since I do not play World of Warcraft (WoW) anymore, yet I still keep the Page-A-Day calendar on my desk at work. For a while, I thought about trashing it because seeing pictures of the gear caused a slight queasy feeling in my stomach.  That feeling has passed and now it’s more just laziness and indifference.  I think I may just trash it since there aren’t that many days left in the 2008 calendar year.

After hitting the gym yesterday, I stopped by the local GameStop to look for used Xbox Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Games.  While we already have an Xbox 360 in the main floor, we setup the original Xbox in the basement with one of the BNS dance pads (the extra cushioning type).  This allows for all types of jumping and commotion without too much impact on the main family and dining area.

Luckily for me, I was able to find a copy of DDR Ultramix 4 for the Xbox for like $12. Not too bad! However, while I was on my way to pay for the game, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her 10 year old son. Basically, the son wanted to trade in a Sony PSP with like 5 games for a Nintendo DS.  The mother was following the son and telling him that he should be playing more mature games instead of baby games.

I didn’t quite understand the hold up until the little guy approached the workers at the counter. The sales guy asked the son what type of games he liked to play and he replied Action. Then the worker asked the son what type of action game he was looking at for the Nintendo DS and the son replied, “Nintendogs”.  I kid you not! In a way, I felt a bit sorry for the little guy because all he wanted to do was play Nintendogs but he was getting razzed by his mom on his choice of games.

Last night after coming home from work, I look at my wife and say to her, “I caved.”.  She gave me a slightly puzzled look and said, “What did you do?” I then told her that I bought a digital camera. I got a really good deal on a Canon SD880 IS that is basically $100 below MSRP, and roughly $50 lower and other retailers. This did not really surprise her too much as I have been talking about getting a new camera for a while now.

My old camera is a Canon SD400 and is the same one that I purchased in like 2002. I think it’s time for an upgrade as the shutter speed and autofocus mechanism is starting to get a bit long in the tooth.  Plus, not many people are still using their camera 6 year old camera in this day and age (at least that’s what I say to justify buying a new one).  Anyhoo, enough dilly dallying, I bit the bullet and purchased the camera at a very good price.

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Local Ventrilo Server

November 18, 2008

Since my wife and I have started up World of Warcraft (WoW) again, we needed to find a way to communicate with each other in game. Previously, we would just use our guild’s Ventrilo server, but we are currently un-guilded right now. We also tried using Skype, and while it worked well, there was a concern for lag as well as lacking the ‘push-to-talk’ feature.  In other words, I can choose whether or not I wanted to broadcast my loud, ear piercing cough.

I checked out some Ventrilo server hosting and was seeing some quotes or roughly $4 per month. While not extremely expensive, definitely not a cost we wanted to incur for such a sparse event.  While looking at the Ventrilo clients, something sparked and dawned on me, why not just host the Ventrilo server myself?

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Yesterday was the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) luncheon.  This was a planned event where 3 other coworkers and myself would pick up the new World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion.  However, I was heading into the event with different things in mind. I had not played WoW for the last 3 or so months due to general MMO burnout. Additionally, there were a lot of real life events taking place that took priority.

So, we decided to all meet at the local Gamestop and pick up our preorders. Three of my coworkers got their copies while I cancelled my preorder for 2 copies (my wife and myself).  This really didn’t surprise my coworkers much as we had been discussing this day for quite some time and I told them I was not planning on coming back to WoW.

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