20g Long multies tank pics

January 9, 2010

Updated pics of my 20g long multies african shelldweller tank. Not sure if it's easy to see how much rescaping these little guys have decided to do on their own 😉


Great little project for adding some depth and character to an aquarium. I go the easy route and either spray paint some type of textured paint on the back or just get a black/dark blue piece of paper. To each their own.

On a separate note, I find it *interesting* that since setting up a 20g long aquarium with Neolamprologus multifasciatus shell dwellers (aka multies), I’ve been seeing a lot more information about them around the web. It’s nice to see that other techies are involved in the aquarium scene too!

For more on the DIY project, click on the link above for a step by step guide.